<3 Because I’m Stupid…. (SS501) <3

From the very first day that our paths crossed

It seemed our lives were deeply entwined

I will never forget how I met you

Or how you slowly stole away my heart Ummm…

Even though back then we were enemies

You just seemed to stand out from the crowd

Your strength and your heart and just who you are

I can no longer deny I’m in love

You may not have believed

Just how deeply that I care for you

Even now, you still do not know my heart

How can I explain how I feel? Ohhh…

Baby, don’t be the first one to let go

We can make it through if we just be strong

You know I can never ever get over you

I’m all alone just crying for you

You know my heart is missing for you

Baby! I love you! I’m waiting for you!

I know we had to face so much pain

Being with me seemed to be so hard

I’m sorry that my pride got in the way

You know you were the one who changed my life

Why don’t you understand

I’d give up the world just for you?

Even if it’d cost me my everything

I will hold on to what we had Ohhh…

Baby, please forgive this fool that you love

I just wanted to protect you from harm

My heart stopped beating for speaking those hurtful words

I’m all alone just crying for you

You know my heart is missing for you

Baby! I love you! I’m waiting for you!

Bye bye, never say good-bye

Remember how much we were in love

I need you; I want to say how much I want you

Baby, please give me one more chance

Lagi suka dengerin lagu ini, tapi yang versi Koreanya. Karena rasanya kena di hati, lalu ae mencari translatenya. Dan emang aku gak salah menilai, lagu ini emang pas untuk keadaanku saat ini.

Mungkin banyak orang bilang aku bodoh karena sudah memilih untuk tetap mencintai kamu dan bersama kamu. Tapi aku gak perduli apa kata mereka, just like what you say “ini cinta kita”. I love you, dan aku gak bisa bohong tentang itu, apalagi menolaknya. Aku akan berjuang untuk sesuatu yang aku yakini, i worth it, right?? Lebih baik dibilang bodoh dan menemukan cinta, daripada melepaskan cinta yang kamu yakini berlalu dari sisimu… ❤  🙂 ❤

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